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道可道非常道 – The Dao that can be spoken of is not the true Dao…

And yet at the same time, the Daoist tradition produced a classical library of texts spanning over 10,000 volumes.
It is also said that a true sage is not a scholar in his mindset….and yet some of the most in depth works of human consciousness and existence were written by Daoists.

To the newcomer to Daoism, it can seem like this is a tradition of contradictions but strangely, once you are engaged in the internal practices it becomes completely clear how learning and ‘un-learning’ can work hand-in-hand to as one unified system. It is also completely apparent just how lengthy written discourse on the Dao is required even if, without direct experiential understanding, it serves no purpose in bringing you close to Dao. How confusing is that?! So; in the interest of furthering confusion and promoting contradiction, we decided to name this blog/online magazine the Scholar Sage.

The Scholar Sage even has a published book!

Yes, that is right; a few years ago, teacher and writer Damo Mitchell put together this site to house some of his more obscure writings; pieces that did not fit in any of his books. Within a few months it was growing rapidly and then within a couple of years it was full of articles on Daoism, the internal arts and related subjects. The popularity of the site grew, articles were shared in many places online and finally Damo’s rantings were put into a published format with the Scholar Sage book. Many of the articles from the book are available here on the site but some are reserved purely for the ‘three dimensional’ medium. Also included in the book were articles by friends, students and ex-students of Damo as well…

On The Site:

Here, on the Scholar sage site, there’re articles on martial arts, Qi Gong, meditation and other subjects related to Daoism. The vast majority of the pieces are written by Damo Mitchell and his students though we have some pieces by guest-authors as well. We put stuff up on here regularly so please check back and if you want these articles delivered to you (electronically) then please feel free to subscribe to us on the front page of the site.

Damo spends a lot of his time travelling…that means he spends a lot of his time sat in airports! Like really….hours and hours. Waaaaay to long. In order to keep himself busy (the entertainment of looking at perfume and liquor bottles in the duty-free shops long wore off) Damo writes these articles whilst sat waiting for his plane. Consequently there is very little in the way of planning involved in the writing of most of them! They vary between super-technical, rambling and completely nonsensical…all pretty Daoist really.

Anyway; we hope you enjoy the site, feel free to leave comments (though we don’t always get around to answering) and have a read of what is on offer here.

Best wishes to you

Scholar Sage Team

(meaning Damo Mitchell and a couple of others ㋡)

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