Spring is the wood element within Daoist thought, a time of rebirth, new growth and the driving force behind the spiralling energy of Taiji. Within the cosmos it is the state between Wuji and opposition, the point prior to the forming of the Acquired branches of the Heart-Mind.

 Understanding the wood element within our body is one of the major parts of our journey back to a Congenital state. The pathway against the inevitable; the return to the source.

 At the time of our birth we are in a pre-heaven state of being, our congenital nature drives us and our consciousness is formless. As time passes, our mind is bombarded with information. It attaches to the myriad things and our fate is sealed. Our Acquired self is born forth from the seed consciousness and we become a slave to the material realm. Only through reversing this process can we ever achieve an elevated state of being and so unite with the Tao.

 We must make our mind formless, void and achieve Wu Wei; Karma-less action. The art of doing without doing. If we can leave no ripples in others ponds then our Ego can be quelled and our Congenital state can be released. The Buddha nature will contain us and we will contain our Buddha nature.

 Reversal of the process can only be achieved through several parts, firstly the change of our energy body back to its pure state. Secondly we must cultivate the five De and thirdly we must focus the mind through many years of diligent study. This is the true meaning of Alchemy and the spiritual path. How many will achieve this? Hardly any, it is a difficult path with many pitfalls.

 Daoism can be a complex study, it can take many years to understand its depths and none will ever reach the bottom of this ancient philosophy. A life study which is virtually impossible to master. Daoism has many branches: Martial Arts, Medicine, Astronomy to name but a few. By far the hardest path is the Alchemical path. This is the path of the serious practitioner and not for the ‘casual student’.

The majority of us are governed by our Ego and the Acquired self. It attaches to the outside world and prevents us from realising the truth. It keeps Taiji locked deep away. What is attachment? It is a trick played upon us by a false reality; a connection to that which is not there. Our Heart-Mind creates our very existence and through this our spirit experiences what it is to be alive in a physical sense. Understanding Alchemical practices can help us to free ourselves from these attachments and achieve an enlightened state. Therein lies the Dao.

 Understanding the elements of nature can help us to understand our own nature. The macro-cosm and the micros-cosm are inextricably linked. We must look within and look without.

 What is the actual definition of the Congenital nature? It is our true self, our spiritual mountain, the reflection of the cosmos upon a dust-free mirror. Only Heaven and Earth are constant, the Dao is beyond constancy. If the Acquired nature is like a stormy sea, the Congenital nature is a still lake. Our Congenital nature is the micro-cosm’s reflection of the spirit of Heaven and Earth. It is from here that we can begin to search for their source and return to emptiness