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Worms in Daoism

It is an interesting characteristic of Daoism that models of human psychology, physical ailments and even subjects such as demonology are often interwoven with one another. For me it is…


The Earth Dog Year (2018)

February 16th, 2018, marks the end of the Fire Rooster year and the beginning of the year of the Earth Dog. Across the world, the events of the Monkey and Rooster…


Daoism and Service

The Indescribable Truth is truth; everything else is just ‘opinion’. Dicerning between these two can be very difficult to say the least! Development of spirit leads towards a single, unified…


Humility as a Virtue

Humility as a Vacuum Humility is an extremely Yin state of being. To be able to place yourself behind others is a difficult thing but important in Daoism. Energetically, this…


A Short Feng Shui Consultation

One of the many arts closely connected with the tradition of Daoism is Feng Shui or literally ‘Wind and Water’. This is the art of time and placement with regards…


The Fire Rooster Year

January 28th sees the end of the lunar year of the monkey and the beginning of the year of the Fire Rooster. For many, the monkey year has been challenging and…

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