Bangkok was abuzz today with news of the potential civil unrest which is set to begin in the next few days. Protesters are set to ‘shutdown’ the city in a demonstration of unhappiness with the current Thai governments recent policies. Businesses are relocating their offices outside of the city temporarily and backup plans are being made for when the airport closes down. As I walked through the police blockades today it reminded me of the riots I was caught in a few years back when I was in Cambodia. What started peacefully ended with bloodshed, tear gas and charges by armed police.

Of course civil unrest like this is not unique to Asia. Protests like this are taking place all over the world, especially at the moment. Protests and clashes with police have become more frequent in the US and the UK with the rest of Europe also following suit. Egypt has seen riots, Africa, China and several other countries that I am aware of and yet we do not here about many of them due to the general ‘media blackout’ policy which is in place. Apart from the student riots in the UK, hardly any protests which have taken place since then (there have been many) have been broadcast on the news, I guess that what Miley Cyrus has been up to lately is too distracting for the most part so not much airtime is left for reporting dissatisfaction in the streets of the country.

It seems that all over the world people are becoming dissatisfied with their ‘leaders’. Why is this? On a personal level I have been completely against government, society, education and politics in general for as long as I can remember so it seems perfectly logical for people to be getting upset to me. But why now? There seems to be an increase in general dislike of what is happening in the world. It makes me laugh when I was speaking to some people over here who were very surprised that I had no love for the British queen or that strange man we have as a prime minister. Have you seen him? Would anyone seriously call that man their ‘leader’?

It has always interested me that many ancient classics talk of a ‘golden age’ when the world was run by sages. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t mean philosophers. Sages experience the nature of existence whilst philosophers pontificate over it without ever actually connecting with it on any deep level. The golden age was epitomised by the fact that these sages placed every person within their charge before themselves. They selflessly looked at what was required of the people they ruled and that was how decisions were made. Something happened and now the opposite is true. We allow people who continuously place themselves before anybody else in charge of a country and think that things are going to run smoothly. If this is the case it is hardly surprising that so many things in society don’t work and we have reached a point of constant civil unrest. In fact, I think the only way the politicians and rulers ever get anybody on their side is to make them hate a particular other group. Redirect their dislike towards somebody else, immigrants maybe, and then they momentarily forget that actually it is the people making the rules that are the problem.

The world has been created by mind. That is the main problem. Mind – the surface layer of the human psyche is dictated by the realm of the five senses. It cannot see beyond the tangible and the immediate. The problem is that mind is temporary, it is constantly shifting, it cannot stay still. Mind comes and mind goes. It is born, it flounders around a bit, and then it returns to the source, it dies. Throughout its brief existence it examines everything through the lens of its own biases and then messes everything up. Then it is gone and it is the job of the next mind to try and fix things and take them to a state which it deems more correct through its own distorted lens. This is the state of most human life and the reason for, not just problems in the macrocosm of society, but also the microcosm of the self. Our societies have been formulated by a series of minds, one after another after another, each messing things up whilst seeking to serve themselves, for minds love nothing more than looking after their own interests. It gives them the false idea that they are actually becoming stronger when in fact they will still decline and die all the same.

In order for things to change, society and the world have to be governed by consciousness. Consciousness is different. It is still, it is calm and it is connected in to the great unity. Consciousness cannot die, it can only transform and manifest in any number of beautiful and profound ways. Consciousness has no self and therefor it cares not for strengthening itself at the cost of others. It recognises that to hurt others is to hurt itself as we are all connected and individual form is nothing. Unfortunately, consciousness is buried beneath mind most of the time and to free consciousness normally takes a combination of awareness, willing and a good spiritual system. Things that are often few and far between. Most Taijiquan practitioners, for example, are too busy arguing over who has the oldest style to realise that they should be focusing upon using their practice to dissolve mind!

 As I have been wandering around Bangkok watching the drama unfold it has struck me that it is all the same everywhere I go. One group of minds is unhappy with another group of minds and so they lash out at the minds they are angry at. Minds fighting against minds and the bigger minds (usually those in charge) will always win as they have access to the biggest weapons (created by insane minds). Nothing will change but the group of minds who were unhappy will momentarily feel satisfied that they made their viewpoint clear…even if it achieved little.

So what should we do? Should we not protest? Should we just allow injustices to go unchallenged? No, of course not. I think it is admirable that people make a stand. I personally love a good protest, I find it cathartic! It is just that those same people should then go away and apply the practice of consciousness to their existence. Sure, argue against mind but lets be honest. Most people are unhappy about the people in charge who enslave you through taxes, send the poor off to fight wars, destroy the world in the name of greed etc. but if most people were put in their place they would do exactly the same. Many might argue with this ‘oh no, if I ruled the world it would be a better place’. No, the power would corrupt you too and then you would be exactly the same. Power corrupts because mind loves power and most are still operating through mind. In order to prevent this we need to operate through consciousness, wake up the true self and see what life is like without that lens telling you that you need to be a certain way.

When their is consciousness there is no division, no need for politics, no religions, no conflict, no desire to acquire needless stuff. Things are much simpler and life is much more pleasant.

I feel the same sadness as others, it exhausts me to think of the corruption around us. It hurts me deeply to think of the wars being waged across the world and innocent people are dying each day. I am against religious extremes, I don’t like the concept of the military, I find governments ridiculous. I don’t trust large institutions, I think the education system is a joke and the media are a cancer for peoples minds. Where I see injustice it brings a tear to my eye as the beauty of the world and its people are becoming buried beneath all of this. Where I can, I try to make a difference and I believe that the biggest difference can be made by us all working together to connect with consciousness. Underneath any action a man/woman must take should be the search for the true consciousness that can dissolve the lens of their own mind. Only when we can see without this lens can we truly dissolve the mind created system which surrounds us. Then we will move one step closer to the stage of bringing back the ‘golden age’ the age of the sages.

Everything we do must start with ourselves. If you cannot control and condition your own being how can you hope to have a positive effect upon others?

At the same time, please remember that life can be hard, quite heavy sometimes and things might seem oppressive but life becomes pointless if we forget to enjoy ourselves. being lighthearted is the first step towards freeing consciousness. Ha ha, I don’t normally post links to songs but then I don’t normally bring politics into my writing so why not make an exception. Listen to this mans lyrics and take heed, he is very right…