A brief video showing various stages of development for the legs in Taijiquan. This is specific to the Yang family style of Taijiquan and should take most practitioners around 7-8 years of practice before they are able to move through these stages to distinguish full and empty.

The footage was taken from a small course held in Portugal in April 2016. Hopefully some of this information will be helpful to Yang style Taiji practitioners out there.

The six stages discussed in the video are as follows:

1 – Pushing to move back and forward
2- Moving from the Kua
3 – Increased sinking through Sung
4- Releasing compression from the ground
5- Use of Yi under pressure to build power
6 – Balancing the stretch and the release
There are more developmental stages beyond this but the group being taught were up to this stage in their personal training.
Systematically going through these stages of movement helps to establish correct root as well as the base for internal forces. Note that much of this work is very uncomfortable for the legs! Classical training comes with a fair amount of pain…