January 28th sees the end of the lunar year of the monkey and the beginning of the year of the Fire Rooster. For many, the monkey year has been challenging and unpredictable and so many have been hoping for a somewhat more steady time in 2017. Unfortunately the year of the Fire Rooster will bring with it new challenges for many though the pace of the year should seem somewhat slower.

Looking at the classical terminology for the year of 2017 we can see that it is characterised as the animal of the Rooster, this is accompanied by the element of Yin Fire and according to the model of the stems and branches (an cosmological model of the cycling of Yin and Yang) it is a Ding You year. Directionally both West and North are favoured for the year whilst East is unfavourable. Let us look at what this may mean for the year:

Yin Fire Rooster Year

In order to understand the nature of the rooster it is easiest to look at the general characteristics for those born within the sign. Rooster people tend to be very strong people who like to take charge of situations. They are natural leaders, even when those around them do not want them to be. Their strengths lay in problem solving and micro-managing any situation whereas their weakness often lay in a lack of emotional compassion. The rooster will always rather negotiate a satisfactory resolution to an issue rather than recognising the emotional undertone to what is taking place; curiously though, the rooster often manages to fully convince themselves that they have taken emotions into account, they just cant seem to understand why all the other animal signs seem so incompetent at organising themselves! Roosters tend to be good at managing finances and will always negotiate a fair deal until there is trouble, once there is an issue it is the proud rooster that will puff out their chest and stand their ground even sometimes when the fault lie with themselves.

Rooster years are characterised by these kinds of traits appearing in people across the world.

The fact that it is a Ding You year means that the dominant element is Yin Fire whilst the supporting element is Metal. Fire over controls Metal within the cycles of the five elements meaning that Metal is going to be weak over the course of the year. Fire brings a ‘culmination’ of events and as the supporting element is weak there is a chance that this Fire energy can go unchecked. Particularly dangerous will be the addition of wood elemental factors which will further fuel the over controlling Fire of the year. What this means is that the more extreme characteristics of the rooster are going to be emphasised during the year. These characteristics are going to be a culmination (Fire) of those events which have preceded the rooster year. The lack of Metal energy means that there be little in the way of consideration for how these events will unfold and the most dangerous factor at play for the year of 2017 on both a personal and word wide level is going to be anger or similar emotional qualities such as domination or competitiveness as these will fuel the Fire with Wood qualities. This means that despite everything that may take place in the year of 2017 the best advice is to stay calm and exercise wisdom in the face of adversity.

At the same time, Fire has the potential for love and compassion, especially when the wisdom of water is applied to it. The balanced nature of life dictates that there will also be the potential for huge acts of compassion and caring amongst the potential ‘chest puffing’ which are likely to characterise the year of 2017.

The application of the directions means that the characteristics of the Fire Rooster year are going to be felt more strongly in the West and the North whilst the East will not receive its influence to such a great degree. This places the Fire elemental affects primarily in the region of the western world, Europe and America whilst the tail end of the rooster will be felt in the far-east.

Application of Theory

The chaos of the Fire Monkey year (2016) has left a general feeling of turmoil and uncertainty across many parts of the world. The result of this is that 2017 will see the culmination of these events with a dangerous tendency towards pride and a feeling of division causing them to erupt into conflict. The biggest danger is an increase in warlike activities, especially in the western world. As the various conflicting nations puff out their chests like proud roosters it is a question of whether or not wisdom will prevent them from elevating the conflict to a dangerous level. 2017 will be a generally bad year for negotiations on an international level; the relationship of the various factors involved in establishing the Ming of 2017 means that negotiations are far more likely to break down. Whilst the rooster is generally at home with making such negotiations we are seeing the Fire element bringing out the more extreme, negative aspects of the animal whilst it is unchecked by other elements. Be prepared for argument if anger or pride becomes involved in any talks taking place on an international level. The nature of the year means that pride and sense of division will cause blindness to things like common sense or the middle path of action.

Europe and America are most likely to see issues with division. Conflict on a global scale will likely be matched on an internal level as well with an increase in riots, arguments and militant behaviour between groups of people. Racism and intolerance are likely to be a big issue for 2017 whilst the ability to consciously reflect on actions and use wisdom is going to be difficult, the cycle of Yin and Yang is literally working against people accessing these parts of their being.

Finances are likely to be steadier than in the previous year; that does not mean that they are necessarily strong but rather that they will be less prone to fluctuation.

The east of the planet, Asia in particular is likely to see more of a stabilisation financially. They will receive the more steady influence of the rooster. Whilst conflict is also likely there is a greater chance of negotiations being the answer. The influence of the east will be felt less on a global scale as they work internally amongst their own nations whilst the over-riding influence, negative or otherwise, of the west will have a great impact upon the rest of the world.

On a personal level, be mindful of becoming overly proud or doing anything that can add to a feeling of separation, the world will be feeling this already. The elemental influences will be causing people to feel as if they need to define themselves in opposition to others, try to apply wisdom and see yourself on a wider scale. The world will need understanding and union during this potentially difficult year. Things will likely become steadier in 2018 so it is only a short period to get through. Be careful with investments due to the challenge of any kind of negotiations this year and watch out for digestive and heart conditions as these are likely to be a little strained for the twelve lunar months of 2017. Feng Shui states that we should be cautious of wearing the colour green as this will cause the Wood element to rise up in a negative fashion. With regards to relationships, once again try to apply compassion as it is generally a more likely year for conflict amongst couples.


In general 2017 has not really been made to sound like a very positive year! My apologies for that, basically conflict is a the major threat here on all levels. If we look at the events of the last year and where things seem to have been headed it is not so difficult to see how the potential for outcomes suggested by the elements, stems and branches of the Chinese zodiac could manifest. In contrast to this though, there is also the potential for the polar opposite of these outcomes with great movements in world aid and charitable work. Yin will always seek balance with Yang, that is the rule of harmony and so amongst all of the potential chaos could be some amazing examples of compassion. It is these examples of love we should focus on and try to replicate within ourselves to try and street the year of the rooster in the right direction. Be cautious with being mean or uncaring when applying your thoughts, words and actions to others as much of this may be caused by the energy of the year rather than really being what you believe; avoid entering situations with strong outcomes that you may regret when we start to enter more reflective times.

To conclude I will focus on a few of the more likely manifestations of conflict within the personal lives of each of the animal signs. Note that this will differ slightly from more global issues, I thought it wiser to briefly summarise some of the more microcosmic issues that may appear in peoples daily lives.


The sign of the rat is actually not too unfavourable within 2017. Financially they have less signs of turmoil though they do have issues around the relationship aspect of the year. Be loving and understanding in what you do and beware of the likelihood for affairs. The libido of the rat will be elevated this year resulting in more potential children from ‘rat parents’ in 2017 but also more likelihood of them cheating on their partners!


The sign of the ox has average signs for the rooster year. Finance signs are weak but not terrible, relationship signs are average as well. Consider this year a year for ‘coasting’ and keeping your head down whilst all the conflict goes on around you. The only major issue to be aware of is that Water signs are very weak for Ox people this year. Avoid water-type activities such as swimming, boating or allowing your body to become cold as these are likely to deplete your energy reserves which may result in sickness developing.


Tigers have a few negative aspects within their elements this year. The primary concerns will be financial. Tigers should be steady and cautious with money this year and avoid entering into any large financial undertakings where negotiation is required; they are unlikely to go well! There are also likely to be a few issues surrounding your personal health, take care of yourself, rest a good amount and consider being very cautious of your diet for the coming year in order to avoid physical issues.


Hares potentially have the worst signs for this year. Like the tigers they have signs of conflict around finances as well as negative signs with regards to their health. Caution is the name of 2017 for hares and in particular be careful of receiving physical injuries. These will likely be long lasting so stay away from extreme sports or more adventurous activities. The conflict signs within the rooster year suggest difficulties at home so be understanding when dealing with your loved ones. Remember though that these are all only potential issues, don’t become too concerned, simply apply compassion and mindfulness to what you do and many of these issues can be avoided.


Dragons are going to have a better year in contrast to the previous two signs. Their financial signs are good and in particular they have very positive influences within their relationship regions. Marriages for Dragons will be common this year along with the formation of relationships for those who are single. Be cautious of one-night stands as this is a wasted opportunity to find the perfect partner this coming year. Do not waste your time with those who are clearly incompatible. Issues around finances are likely to be resolved but be cautious still of entering any kind of financial commitment which requires any kind of negotiation. In short, the lucky Dragons may well get through 2017 somewhat unscathed!


Snakes are going to have problems with work-related issues primarily. Your employment will seem difficult, financially it will be less successful and clashes with colleagues are going to be commonplace and potentially serious if you do not apply compassion and calm throughout the year. Snakes are prone to gossip anyway and malicious gossip will be more likely to come from your lips before you think this year. Try to avoid this as your speech will be the main reason for many conflicts that may take place.


Horses will have a typically steady year (they often do!) There are no major signs of either huge negativity nor positivity this year for horse signs. This essentially means that their actions will strongly dictate outcomes. This is chance to take control of your life, just be sure to avoid all the ‘conflict’ type energy of the other animal signs around you as they will want to drag you into their drama. Stay aloof and take advantage of this year that will give you the power to forge a new and clear path for yourself.


Goats have a whole slew of negative signs within their elements for this coming year. Time to keep your head down and be cautious with both money and relationships. Conflicts and legal issues will plague any investments or great changes you may want to make so consider holding steady and waiting for the year to pass before making any great changes. Goats also have some issues around travel for 2017. Be careful of where you travel to and how you travel. The likelihood of unexpected difficulties arising is more common for this year along with delays or even accidents when travelling.


Monkeys will have a bit of a mixed bag of things this year. Both favourable and unfavourable elements sit within their sign. The wiliness of the monkey people will essentially dictate just how well they get through the year of the rooster. Finances are average looking whilst relationship signs look promising. The elements show that most conflict will arise around contracts and the law. Be wary of entering legal negotiations in the coming year as the Fire signs will cause you to act rashly resulting in negative arguments over what should be simple legal issues. Monkeys should also be aware of their food for 2017. Eat well as monkeys have problems listed for their digestive systems in the rooster year.


Though it is a rooster year, the signs for the rooster are not actually good. The affinity you have with the elemental influences mean that your negative character traits are going to be over exaggerated this coming year. Your desire to over control every situation will be a problem and this will result in conflict all around you. Money will be tight and unforeseen problems will cause you to financially ‘leak’ throughout the year. Health is also an issue for rooster people who will find that they are a little weaker this year. All of this can be avoided by being cautious applying wisdom to your actions. Consider strengthening Feng Shui signs for water throughout your house in order to temper your negative traits in 2017.


Dogs are not going to have a terrible year by any stretch of the imagination. It seems as though they will be fine with regards to relationships, finances and even entering new financial or legal partnerships as long as they can be patient with the irrationally angry seeming behaviour of those around them. Ride out the year with calm and clarity and you will be fine; just don’t gloat how easy a year you are having to the other animals….your bad year will come soon enough!


The generally optimistic pig people are going to have their good nature tested in this difficult year. Financial signs are ominous making it a bad year for new investments. Worse though are the signs for health as a tendency to over indulgence is common in pigs and they way well see the impact of this weakness in 2017. Make sure to exercise and eat well this coming year. Be steady and ride this year out with caution.